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As a support main in a ton of video games this 100% how it feels like. I can't count how many times I screamed "STICK TOGETHER!" or "STOP RUNNING AWAY FROM THE HEALS!" Ironically, it felt like babysitting. I wish the controls were different tho. I didn't like how you had to right click to move. Would've preferred if you made the controls WASD while making Shift, E, and Q the ability controls, maybe you were going for a LoL feel or a WoW feel (I don't play many MMOs or MOBAs)

Graphics: 9/10 smooth

Gameplay: 9/10 fun

Controls: 7/10

Relatable: 10/10

Overall: 9/10 fun arcadey feel :)


This game is sooo cool! really a great job!


nice prince charmless cameo

Ahahah congrats you're the first person that noticed him :D 

may i ask was his curse lifted?

(1 edit)

Nope :) I still have plans for this character !

can you tell me about the plans? or are they secret?

Secret for now :)


Damn this is soo good. 


[Added Windows version]


Your games are such high quality it's amazing!!! I can totally see one of your games blowing up!!


Can you make a Windows downloadable for this ? I really want to play this when I'm offline.

Sure, we'll upload a windows build tomorrow ;)


we added the windows version :D


I loved this one! Definitely my favourite in this LD so far! 

Poor healers :'(


Thanks. Wish it were longer.


great game,reminds me of "Healer's quest" but with an action core.

Gran bel lavoro!

Many many thanks to Dae, GeriBP and Neatwolf for their bug reports, we fixed the game-breaking bugs !


It's so so nice! The art is perfect! I would love to have some color hint to distinguish between my companions, bc I was quite difficult for me to know which one should I heal. My mage got stuck in the wall I so did I after kicking my warrior.

Hi ! Thank you so much for your comment. We fixed some bugs in the latest version, and the player should now never get out of the map.