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PLease make this downloadable

"You have awoken a sleeping giant" Me to the other team


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it was hard but i beat it 

and i want more games like this but i don't think there are and  if anybody finds games like this email me my email is so if u do find any email me and or reply to this


That OST gif took me counterclockwise from the frontman, then cracked me up. ツ

I really like the game and I would like if you please can make it a bit longer or some endless mode or something thank you and keep up the good games (cause I checked you got alot)

Great game! The biggest improvement I could see would be being able to select which genemon to spawn using hotkeys.


Really nice game. 

PS Just catch a bug, failed spawning unit as the start move at the round and all the enemies start moving right. Next succesfull spawn fix the issue.

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Very cool! I wish there was a downloadable version for Windows. Also ability to play in browser with Full Screen mode would be nice.

Yeah this game is amazing, if there was a downloadable version thatd be so cool.

Great game, you should add more stuff

Amazing game. Absolutely loved every moment of it. 

Cool game with good graphisms and styled monsters 


Great game, I just wish the AI died;t just start with an army every time a match starts.

cool man


Nice game was a bit short but I liked the game well : 3

How do you evolve the monsters?

Oh, never mind. I figured it out.

soque ta radecori

u jogo ta legau

This is really good, I just wanna make all the monsters and watch them fight!