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i on lvl 385

this is a so good game but i thing it was a best game with more fus's possibility

nice game with a really interesting core mechanic! only trouble is the easiest way to win for me was to just spam little guys which kinda removes some of the stratergy of it. still a great game tho.

its not fair that our opponent has so much evolutions :(

Yes but, once you get the mid-tier maxed out (good to do first if you don't mind 1/5 failure chance), you can get all of 'em in 1-2 battles, then you can max out reliability and just spam tier 3s for an easy final fight.

This Game Is Bad  VERY GOOD!!

really awesome game, thanks for sharing

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spamming the FUNNI GORILLA GENEGON (the beringei) was the best idea I ever had

legit completed the whole game doing that LOL

however, I tried completing it properly, and it was fun and quite hard, Its a good game, and thats what matters, great job

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was angry at this game for no literal reason.

good game tho

Honestly really awesome game but it's way too easy to just spam through the whole thing. Hopefully the next update balances things a bit more.

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i spammed my way through the game without any idea of what is was spawning and won. Overall this game is awesome :>

This game is very cool!


This game is 5 stars. I just wish that there were more genemon breeds even though there is no point in making them because you can just spam the apes, it helps when you have the upgrade that gives you three times the genemon.

love the game

or how put hak


can i put hak


This game is amazing, but the meta is just spam lots of the Berngei (monkeys) and get the more level 1 upgrade, and you will never lose - (not even any point in fusing animals).

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best game yet it's like pokemon but more brutal or smth

also could you add more mutations and like elementals only unlockable through beating the game


the game is a lot easier when you stop thinking and start spawning monkeys


thank you Overboy you are the best

thank you ! i'm glad you like this game :)


not just the game but all of your games are awesome

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Thank you, it's motivating to read !

you're doing great ^^3

I'm a motivation machine XD


where has OVERBOY been my whole life 





como lo descargo?

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i wanna be able to quickly swap between my little dudes

i wish the opponent didnt spawn so many at once

interesante para otras formas de juego

wished there was multiplayer



Reply to a reply to a reply

reply to a reply to reply to a reply


PLease make this downloadable

"You have awoken a sleeping giant" Me to the other team


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it was hard but i beat it 

and i want more games like this but i don't think there are and  if anybody finds games like this email me my email is so if u do find any email me and or reply to this


That OST gif took me counterclockwise from the frontman, then cracked me up. ツ

I really like the game and I would like if you please can make it a bit longer or some endless mode or something thank you and keep up the good games (cause I checked you got alot)

Great game! The biggest improvement I could see would be being able to select which genemon to spawn using hotkeys.


Really nice game. 

PS Just catch a bug, failed spawning unit as the start move at the round and all the enemies start moving right. Next succesfull spawn fix the issue.


No, it's because your genegun isn't at 100%, only 80%, but you can get it at 100%.

Personally I go 100% genegun x3 tier 1's so i can just spam and it's fucking mayhem

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Very cool! I wish there was a downloadable version for Windows. Also ability to play in browser with Full Screen mode would be nice.

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Great game, you should add more stuff

Amazing game. Absolutely loved every moment of it. 

Cool game with good graphisms and styled monsters 


Great game, I just wish the AI died;t just start with an army every time a match starts.

cool man


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