Winner of the Ludum Dare 33 out of 2700+ entries, made in 3 days

Overboy (Pietro Ferrantelli) - TwitterItch.ioYoutube
Augustin Grassien (anabir) - Twitter
Theophile Loaec (thomaslean) - Twitter
OrikMcFly - Twitter

-------- MOBS, INC -- INSTRUCTIONS ---------------------------------------

Each monster employee of the company must follow these three rules :

1. Left-Click to attack.
2. Press Q / W / E to unleash your special skills once you unlock them.
3. If you disappoint the CEO 4 times, you will be fired. (and have to start a new game)

Markiplier played Mobs Inc :D


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MobsInc - LINUX64.zip 58 MB
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MobsInc - WIN64.zip 57 MB


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why is everyones comments are vibrating

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It's the workaholic anxiety

The text was in an abusive relationship and is very scared.

Thanks , very funny game. I just wonder if the linux version could be played on steamdeck with the pad instead the mouse?


slomo'd the game during a promotion 😭

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This game is amazing, 19/20.

The only problem I have is that it becomes unplayable after 5 minutes because of all the blood painting the floor to the point where my computer could grill a steak.

Also, the game itself is rather simple, and I think it'd be totally badass if there were artifacts, different playable characters, and maybe a few more stages above 100.

*Artifacts would just increase speed, lunge range, area of skills, and cooldowns, nothing extremely broken, right?

I got to level 100 with the Nasty Sbire.


Good work minion, you good promoted.

Also stay tuned something is coming soon 👀

The Mobs Inc CEO.

Oh my Lordy Lordy McSkyDaddy,  is that a-- Is that a... Is that an OVERBOY ツ?  My God though dude, thank you for replying. I've been playing your games for like, 3 years now. But uh, yeah... Coolio, my... My duder. Broski. Thing.


But... a comment.  And not a game.


Hey Sorry for Reply message to you OVERBOY but I wanna say congratulation for your Mobs Inc. to win in the Luda Dare dude 😎

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This simple yet well made comical take on the daily struggles of a hard working monster, looking for a simple promotion, is a great game to play if you are looking for a fast paced, entrancing, pixeled power play. Great gameplay without any over use of any assets or sounds, not earbleeding (though if it is you have a volume button right?), and over all, its absolutely a game I have added to my personal collection of fav's! I played this game for hours. never gets old with the continuous challenge it presents. I Recommend This Enthralling Game!

ALSO if a full-armor knight does his explodey attack during slo-mo it h u r t s my ears ;-;

great game. got lvl 72 4th attempt

Super cool game!

Cool game

maybe add a pause function as i keep dying because i am not prepared

Fun game but one problem: It's very difficult to control the character

Back when this game first came out, i used to waste so much time on my computer at work playing this game in between customers. I dont work there anymore (they never found out I was playing games at work lol, the business just shut down), but the wave of nostaglia I got when I saw the thumbnail for Mobs Inc on the page when I loaded up Itch last week was crazy, I just had to sit down and record it! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed how it helped kill time at work years ago! 

absolutely amazing gam

dam this game is funlvl100


This game is soooo hard.... I love it!!! keep up the great work

little laggy for me but amazing gaem

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bruh... I immediately spawn in and lose hp. Great game, but its really punishing and bits of the design are unfair.


I really like this game! Would love to see it in the app store!


do it free desktop plz


I've come to Level 95, and honestly, this game is F.I.R.E

This game is really something! Really fun!



Amazing game, best I've done is 74 since an archer got m

great game, really enjoyed


this reminds me of that samurai flash game, same mechanic and enemies but the upgrades and art add some spice! loved it


This is great, although the lack of invincibility frames can be irritating at times. Extremely fun though, love the game.


Outstanding! ❤️


I made it to 72 and died to a green archer because the hitbox on the lvl 60 form is so hard to understand and I missed him. 😐🔫

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This is really hard but fun 8/10


This runs really well, it's hard but really fun to progress and spill some blood.


Incredibly fun, i couldn't stop until I (think) I reached the last upgrade. Well done!!



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really hard 😠 but im probably just bad😭😭

edit: got good new best 78


Level 87 new pb


The perfect mid-french class entertainment

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Made by french people 🥖👌

wait really?


Well i'm actually half french half italian 👌

English class for me lmao.

Reminds me of the good ol' days. I love this fucking game. Let's take it to Xbox. 

they will feed it to game pass


Honestly? Out of all the games I've ever found, this is one of the few that I come back to regularly. It's nice to just sit down and start reaping, and relax after a hard day. There are some other games out there that I still stick to, but none that make me go, "I had a terrible day so let's play this to chill out" as much as Mobs Inc. does. Thank you for making such an amazing game! 


Thank you really much 🙏 I'm glad this game makes you feel that way :)


Literally I have been stressed with homework and my mom yelling at me and I thought. "Hm I am going to just relax and play a game." and I came to this game


Swing and a hit, and I mean the appearance of the OVERBOY games style.

    I'm getting old but, honestly, itch makes it easy to judge games by their "cover", and I have little doubt, before I even play, that these games will sing with satisfaction the same as newground days of yore [still do].

Thank you very much for this kind words 🙏


When using the itch.io launcher, it downloads the game I assume but not the executable. At least not for linux. The only options for what to launch from the launcher are "nw", "nacl_helper" and "nacl_helper_bootstrap". None of which launch the game. I tried to download the files from the site but it always prompts to pay, which is fine however I was under the impression this game was F2P as none of the download buttons have a price tag and that I was able to download the game from the launcher. Is the only free way to play this game in a browser or am I missing something?


Hi ! Yeah the game is free to play from the browser. The executables are reserved for supporters ! :)

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