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high score:


high score: 87

this game pisses me off! Also can you please add a sandbox mode where there is no verbal warning?

highscore level 35

Highscore: 72

New highscore: 100

I had the weirdest glitch where I tried to use the first power up on an archer and I got his with an arrow

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I like it; kinda hard though

wwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwww!!!! good! good!

quick question,how do i change my pfp

click ur username on the top right

then click



this game is amazing (and amazingly hard) i always get to lvl 39 tho and than die, is there a keybind to make it so you dont die and you can pause the game or something like that?


I'm playing on Chromebook, so I have a trackpad, and it suckkkks (the trackpad, not the game). I need two hands on the pad to move the cursor and click at the same time, so skills are hard to use, whenever I click, the cursor pauses its movements... This is a reoccurring issue with the pad. I do not recommend laptops for gaming.

And the keys often stick, too.

You could bye an office mouse and that would work fine

Pffft, you think I have money?

I do, I just can't drive.

HAM: If I forgot it wasn't important...

Amazon: sad

Pretty much, yeah


im using chromebook its hard but i can do it ezily kinda

bro heccing do you think i even do this crap I don't i do not care ok i simply don't so don't come at me with your hate speech ok don't heccing even i don't have time for your bull ok don't give me this crap I have a lot on my plate rn so I would appreciate it if you wouldn't attack me like this ok maybe i don't waste my life in front of my computer like you do ok so step off ok?

Honestly tho I play console more often so I'm just not good at pc games tbh. If you are then good for you my guy, but console is just more comfortable for me

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it wasnt hate its just what i say  i didnt mean to be rud and i dont waste my life on my comp i just use it a lot but i go outside and enjoy the sun 

and same on the better on console im just ok here plz someone help me my life is a lie ;-;

bro you realize I was joking, just being stoopid

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and heres proof my life is a lie the way u be typin remind me of a guy i played with on console


I really liked this game. I love the pixel art and all the movement :D


My highscore: 69



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is there a discord link? also love the game because i am a fan of pixel games!


Im proud of my level 98 high score

congrats :)


The Satan-Boss pixel art is fantastic!

haha thanks !


wait a sec MARKIPLIER PLAYEEDD THIS!!!!!! yay


Deleted 5 days ago

i don't really remember if I set a maximum honestly lol, but yeah probably


I got to 77 without any verbal warnings and my personal best in general has now become 94, I love this game! Please make these kinds of games more! <3 :D

thx ! i'll make more of these, you'll see more soon on my youtube channel ;)


Yeah this is the best i've ever  i think i might have got highscore O_O 

haha congrats, it's not the highscore tho :p


Buen juego esta genial....

muchas gracias !


best is 78

congrats ! :)


the reaper is super cool but i cant enjoy him can you make invulnerable setting for admiring and other "cheats"

update new personal best is 77

Umm it just froze when i got to 55 and i was doing the best i ever was with 2 verbal warnings :(

if you can somehow make this for android i would be happy this is one of my fave games

thanks ! I plan to release android games in 2021, stay tuned on my youtube channel ! :)

ill def sub what is it?

i found it

should make the verbal warnings reset on promotion

ya i agree

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Level 90

congrats !

i love this game

thanks ! :)


Level 77 is that good

congrats !

Opa eu coloquei seu jogo no meu canal, da um pulo lá para ver como ficou!!

obrigado !

i have a question

I GOT LEVEL 97 0w0 0_0 -_-

congrats :)

:) thanks

LEVEL 89 0_0


level 100 is max


yep it is, congrats for reaching it :D

Level 80!

Reminds me a lot to 'Dungeon Crawler'. 

I also loved the design! What a cool game!

Thanks a lot :)


i got to level 78 second time playing i gotta say its significantly easier with a mouse i love all his games

thanks a lot ! yep it was designed to be played with a mouse :)

Cool cowboy music when you die

First games I could not make it to level 20, after playing some I easily made it over 60

Challenging and yet disturbing to be the bad guy

thanks !

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Fun game!

thanks ! :)

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