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Very good. Can't believe this came out in 2015, feels like forever ago. 

Love the game! You did a great job!!!

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Nice game feel but gets a bit repetitive

got to lv 100 great game!

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Pixel art, SFXs , art style separately , mechanics, all of them was cool 🔥🔥. . . specially beginning music  👌

lwl 100, cool game.

Level 83, this game is amazing.

Nice concept I guess but tired of starting in an enemy's attack and dying immediately.


THE BEST AND MOST AWESOME GAME. EVER. Keep making more Overboy!


Great game! But please add a pause button, its really annoying having to play all the way to promotion for a pause.


fun, but needs longer game play, maybe more promotions, new powers.

just a suggestion cause this is my favorite game

Really cool game!


How did you get everything to shake when the mouse hovers over it?




dang, it would make my profile look insane


very cute

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Fun point and click hack and slash game that stops being nearly as fun when you reach max size, as you just end up getting hit by every single stray arrow in existence. The size also means that, since the game lacks any kind of damage immunity except for when you get hit, you often instantly get hit out of respawn, reaping, and uses of the wrecking ball ability because you can't entirely predict the ends of abilities, and, when you respawn, enemies almost always are surrounding you from the get go.

If they added a level 80 ability that gave us another 'respawn' and attack, I'd probably finish the game, but I'm not going to continue to play when there really isn't any clear next goal besides seeing how far I can go without the archer spam getting to me.


The gameplay, the simple mechanics ,  the simple concept , the music , the sound effects .... everything perfect.

Im addicted.. I keep coming back to this game. So simple yet trilling.


what lvl can you get to with a touchpad? 😤

Level 75. great game! i recommend!

hhhhhhhhhhhh wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


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Is there no victory screen? Hit lvl 100 feels bad


9 out of 10 why that cuz no pause button yes. no pause button and add more health as we level up cuz have u seen a been that is only 4 hits?

why do you need more than four hits? You get stronger by getting more abilities

More health when you level up would be to OP.


i hate everything i want to die jesus christ 

chill out bro . it'll definitely get better , just hold you hopes up.



This is addicting

This really is i got around lvl 100 


10/10 i got to lvl 91

should make blood splatters dissapear because my game lagged hella crazy and made the game too easy only problem with it lol

I agree. He could make an option to turn it off or smth


great game but it starts before you can see the enemies so you can die before you start moving only problem with it

I just use q before every round 


This is ridonculously brillant! Simple immediate pleasure, well done!


thats was so fun


Amazing game

This game is fantastic! And it runs very smoothly in my browser! Unfortunately, when I download the game on my MacBook and try to play, it doesn’t work. Do you have any suggestions for how I can make it work? I’m using a MacBook Pro on macOS Ventura 13.2.1.

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Can you make it available for androd? 

It is a good game anyway very recomended


it is me forklift i disapprove for this  game 



nerf archers too op lol

This is amazing!

got 55


Level freezes at 100

Maybe once you reach level 100 you unlock endless mode?

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