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i wish i could change controls

either i just suck or this is rigged I lost at level 100 after getting shot by some idiot mobs getting stuck in the wall by the massive size of the third promotion

This game is way too hard without a mouse :( i need to get one lol but its fun my highest level without a mouse is 34 and my highest level with a mouth is -

lol mouse

Super! :)


this game is awesome.

isnt 80 supposed to be a promotion smh 


jesus crist this is the best gamejam game ı have ever played!

got to level 80 something before losing



this game is crazy! I love the simple gameplay mechanic of dashing and using the abilities gained from promotions to help clear the wave faster. I too love the sprites and I think they looks real cool. You did a great job! 


I like the game but I do not like how I get hit the second I spawn sometimes

just spam dash when you spawn


i finally did it you just have to zoom on the levels

I think this could become a really cool mobile or even computer game project

I got to level 59 on my 4th promotion! This game is super addictive, I love it!

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ive made it to every single promotion without ane verbal warnings. im pretty sure that someone has done it before me though.

(just saw someone getting to lvl 60 without any verbal warnings so i was right)

21 minutes-100LVL....and it stucks on it :(

but game is cool


Its little wonder why this game won


It won for a fricken reason! GREAT GAME!


Bro your Game is AMAZING. I think you should release it on consoles.


he is right

Thank you ! :D

took me a while but look


Nice job ! :)

the only anoying thing is if u reach the last stage then the level bar bugs

it did not for me

the level cap is 100. there is no promotion after level 60.


i got 94 on the run


i got all promotions without any verbal warnings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just look where red is


Good job :D


thank you :)!!!!!!


i also finished plumbers creed it was fun


Thank you :) !

your welcome

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and i sub your youtube

awesome fun time "waster" game i would love to see it developet fourther 

thank you :)


Awesome game that's extremely fun to play! The graphics and sound are just great and the overall gameplay is super fun. I would love to see this game be developed further. 

Also epic Minecraft easter egg ;)

Pretty good game. Would prefer to have an option to change the audio because it's fairly loud on my side. Kinda curious if there's going to be other races or classes like goblins and trolls and such if this game was continued to develop after it was submitted for that jam.

its a good game but i think u should make it easyer and give more warning swhen u get promorion overall its a good game

Some bigger and serious game could be designed in this setting and with this hero!

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also I need an argument to be settled between me and a friend that I sent told about the game.  1 do the hits after you die count, I think they do but they think there is no reason for them to because your dead and for that they do not.  2 are there moments in the game were it just gets real hectic within less then a second 10 guy or so pile on you making it almost impossible.  they think I need to just get better at the game and that those moments actually make it very easy to level up.  3 at some point it really starts to seem like it would be easier not to use abilities at all since they stop your movement and leave you open to attack during activation. I think yes but my friend thinks I am being absurd because the abilities are very helpful.  so I was hoping that you guys that have played the and maybe even the developer could just tell me.  whose right

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would really like more explanation and possibly a warning as when I finish the the second one time I was right in the middle of 4 guys and kinda did not realize right away even with 3 lives was haked to bits instantly as they all hit me. If had known I was completely vulnerable at that point.  and able to control again probably would not have, also one of the armored was able to hit me well I was in the air using the first spell. happened but other then I really enjoyed the game it was amazing and would like to do more if it gets updated.  maybe a small area to test new abilities before playing with them once you have unlocked them would be nice.  then again it was one of the best games I have played in forever and considering it was made in 3 days that is very amazing and special. 




I made it to 100


Oh my GOD ! This is really AWESOME!

high score: level 80


Is there a way to pause the game? I lost immediately because I plugged in my headphones and took a piss...

Really fun game, one suggestion I’d  like to make is to have enemies spawn in groups so you can squash/slice more enemy’s at once.

my score is 17... yay :

how bout monster inc. lol

yo my highscore is 91 i think?


great game and Awesome graphics and animation...really like the concept of the game. 

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