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Really short and sweet

I made a video!

Deleted post

that was amazing! spooky and funny! After rocky got... sliced... I used the proton pack to DESTROY HIS REMAINS!


one of the best games ever


Now I'm sad :(

i ame surshing for 2d horror games for low end pc what do you reccomond 

Wow, that was... unexpected :o Great work, man!


Now you made me sad, I hate you. It was a good game until that.

Great game!!!

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Bob Lennon play to the game :


Rocky! Nooo :(



Btw, loved it :D ♥




Extraordinary Game


Wow. Two days to make this? Amazing. I loved the double twist - satire to genuine horror to kicking butt.


Loved the game and the retro vibes.


OMG. This was so good you GUYS! I loved it! I can't wait to see a sequel!!!!!

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what do i do with the bear trap in the 3rd house?

Edit: nvm found out


This is a good game but also, why the dog. why does a pug have to die. i have a pug to so it made me pretty sad. :( but i got passed that. good game.

YouTuber Played Badge:


A neat little game i like the fact that it builds up the music and the horror for a task but when you get there it is nothing but a simple task... until the last house call of course. A really well put together short game , i featured it on my video it is the second one in.

this game is weird, even weirder than certain lovecraftian stuff. I have no idea why


R.I.P Rocky

It said in the desc this is a funny horror game, not really more of a plot twists sad one


R.I.P. Rocky


Yep, this game got me at the end. I was happy that we were able to revenge our poor Rocky! Feel free to check out my video below :)

I think rocky was possesed

That...would actually make a lot of sense

i love bad ice cream 3 on hudgames so much i loved this game when i was 5 years old now am 8

Nice gameplay :)


You guys should probably stop complaining about Rocky, he died in the actual stranger things.


no I haven't even watched that show yet

I throughly enjoyed this game. I was not expecting that surprise twist. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in watching.

Lovely game. Fun and good atmosphere. Would play more stages :D

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So I loved the game a lot and definitely didn't expect the twist or the dog part. Like everyone else I made a playthrough of it. But I decided to add a little something for Rocky at the end of my video. 

"F" Rocky <3

Enjoyed it .

here´s a lets play video i created about it


noooo the dog! at least i got my revenge...



(I had so much fun tho!, great work)




rockyyyyy i acidently killed youuuuuu btw why does it say enjoy ur evening WHEN U KILLED ROCKY THE PUGGGG!

rip rocky ;(

...r o c k y

wh y-

Really awesome, dude, congrats are in order for this fantastic work of yours :-)

I think I got stuck after getting the proton pack. It says "kill'em all" but I can't see any ghosts after killing off the 11th one. There's 4 ghosts missing and they don't show up anywhere in the house :-(

Thank you for this awesome little game!


Good game but there should be an option to "opt out" of Rocky being killed.


I totally agree, or at least an animal death trigger warning.

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