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OVERBOY (Pietro Ferrantelli) - GD, Pixel Art & Programming  @OVERBOY

Florent Juchniewicz - GD, Music & Sound Design @flojuch

OVERCURSED is a funny horror point & click game made by Pietro Ferrantelli and Florent Juchniewicz in 48 hours for the asylumjam 2016. (For halloween)

LEFT CLICK to move, take an object or use current object on selected element if possible
RIGHT CLICK to throw current object

"OVERCURSED Inc." is solving people's ghost issues. Well, at least that's what they think you do... Ghost stories are just stories, right ?.... hum... right ?

IF YOU THINK YOU'RE STUCK AFTER THE SCRIPTURES (House 4) : you're not, just turn on and off the light multiple times ;) otherwise you'll miss the key moment of the game

EDIT : MARKIPLIER just recorded a Let's Play on OVERCURSED !!

EDIT 2 : jacksepticeye played Overcursed !!

EDIT 3 : DanTDM made a let's play too ! 

EDIT 4 : [FR] Bob Lennon a joué à Overcursed :o


Support the devs and get the Download version for Windows, it will help us for the sequel ! 



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I made a video!


I really liked this game! That one scene was very sad...but the action that came after it was super cool! I enjoyed this a lot.


that was amazing! spooky and funny! After rocky got... sliced... I used the proton pack to DESTROY HIS REMAINS!


one of the best games ever


Now I'm sad :(

i ame surshing for 2d horror games for low end pc what do you reccomond 

Wow, that was... unexpected :o Great work, man!


Now you made me sad, I hate you. It was a good game until that.

Great game!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

Bob Lennon play to the game :


Rocky! Nooo :(



Btw, loved it :D ♥




Extraordinary Game


Wow. Two days to make this? Amazing. I loved the double twist - satire to genuine horror to kicking butt.


Loved the game and the retro vibes.


OMG. This was so good you GUYS! I loved it! I can't wait to see a sequel!!!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

what do i do with the bear trap in the 3rd house?

Edit: nvm found out


This is a good game but also, why the dog. why does a pug have to die. i have a pug to so it made me pretty sad. :( but i got passed that. good game.

YouTuber Played Badge:


A neat little game i like the fact that it builds up the music and the horror for a task but when you get there it is nothing but a simple task... until the last house call of course. A really well put together short game , i featured it on my video it is the second one in.

this game is weird, even weirder than certain lovecraftian stuff. I have no idea why


R.I.P Rocky

It said in the desc this is a funny horror game, not really more of a plot twists sad one


R.I.P. Rocky


Yep, this game got me at the end. I was happy that we were able to revenge our poor Rocky! Feel free to check out my video below :)

I think rocky was possesed

That...would actually make a lot of sense

i love bad ice cream 3 on hudgames so much i loved this game when i was 5 years old now am 8

Nice gameplay :)


You guys should probably stop complaining about Rocky, he died in the actual stranger things.


no I haven't even watched that show yet

I throughly enjoyed this game. I was not expecting that surprise twist. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in watching.

Lovely game. Fun and good atmosphere. Would play more stages :D

(2 edits)

So I loved the game a lot and definitely didn't expect the twist or the dog part. Like everyone else I made a playthrough of it. But I decided to add a little something for Rocky at the end of my video. 

"F" Rocky <3

Enjoyed it .

here´s a lets play video i created about it


noooo the dog! at least i got my revenge...



(I had so much fun tho!, great work)




rockyyyyy i acidently killed youuuuuu btw why does it say enjoy ur evening WHEN U KILLED ROCKY THE PUGGGG!

rip rocky ;(

...r o c k y

wh y-

Really awesome, dude, congrats are in order for this fantastic work of yours :-)

I think I got stuck after getting the proton pack. It says "kill'em all" but I can't see any ghosts after killing off the 11th one. There's 4 ghosts missing and they don't show up anywhere in the house :-(

Thank you for this awesome little game!


Good game but there should be an option to "opt out" of Rocky being killed.


I totally agree, or at least an animal death trigger warning.


You didn't need to kill Rocky :( Very disturbing to beloved pet owners. But LOVED your game otherwise.

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