Winner of Ludum Dare 37 out of 2400+ games

OVERBOY (Pietro Ferrantelli) - Game Design, Programming & VFX @Overboy

Florent Juchniewicz - Game Design, Sound Design & Music @flojuch

Joe Rogers - Charater Design, Environment Art, Animations @jrrogersart


Made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 37, Theme was "One Room"

"Xenopunch is one of the most reknown underground arena in the galaxy. It's not easy for a little human like you to compete against its most famous fighter during epic boss fights, Are you ready for the challenge ? Well, Probably not..."

----------- XENOPUNCH -- INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------------------

  1. Q : Quick dash
  2. W : Punch
  3. E (unlockable) : Lazer
  4. R (unlockable) : MULTIPLE IMPACT
  5. Arrows : movement
  6. You can also double jump, climb energetic walls and fall through platforms


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Xenopunch LD37 60 MB
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Xenopunch LD37 61 MB


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très bon jeu bien rythmé, pas trop compliqué à prendre en main, définitivement un de mes préférés.

j'ai remarqué que le côté gauche de l'arène est facilement penetrable. j'ai en effet fait passer plusieurs monstres à travers, notamment un des bountyhunters, ce qui les a totalement paralysés.

il s'est passé la meme chose avec mon personnage

Deleted 26 days ago

the final boss and i died at the same time and another battle boss started when the credits appeared. Anyways this game is fire

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Very cool game! I like it a lot! How to enable full screen mode in Windows build?

This game is really fun I just wish there was a 32 bit versio for download

this game is fire, just wished there was an option for endless modes

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Your one of the best game devs on


swear he makes the best games


Great game. Intense action, high polish and style. I found a bug during Darth Mic fight, I used the R ability and my character disappeared from screen, but as it's a jam game, it's ok.

that's a bug when u do it anywhere, you need to use r when ur in the middle of the map

Fast Paced game so enjoyed it very much


So inspirational!
They type of game I hope to make for me and my friends one day soon! :D


A great and fun game . We enjoyed it very much.

Loved the retro art style.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!