"Assassin's Creed" X "Super Mario Bros" mashup made in 3 days for the 63th Mini-LD. LD entry

"Do I know you from somewhere ?"
"Don't you recognize me, Ezio ? It's a-me ! Mario !"


You have to get all the Abstergo's symbols if you want to finish a level. Watch out for the dark purple full-armored koopas, they're very tough !

> Use arrows to move.

> Press Q or A to use your throwing knife. (5 seconds cooldown)

> Press W or Z to lay a mine. (5 seconds cooldown)

> Jump on the head of the Koopas.

> Jump on a haystack to hide in it.

> Press R to restart.

Made using Construct 3 (no-code game engine) by

- Twitter, Itch.ioYoutube
Niels Tiercelin - Twitter
Theophile Loaec - Twitter
Thanks to Maxime Bondoux for the musics

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(118 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure, Simulation, Survival
Made withConstruct
Tags16-bit, 2D, Ludum Dare, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Stealth


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Amazing Asssassin's Creed 2 prequel

good game

wish I could play offline if this had a download but it was fun playing in browser!

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sequel to this game its awesome

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I love this game, is very  funny but, is very short (no se hablar ingles xd....I do not speak  english)




very fun game, just that glitchy thing at the end was wierd


i had so much fun playing this!  thank you

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lol funny game


I just beat it and thought it was pretty hard, then read the control options and found out THERE ARE WEAPONS




VERY interesting


This was a really fun game! nice job!


so there were knives and mines.. jumped through the whole game XD very addictive

yeah, if you jump across building over a koopa's head, you can just drop a bomb and it detonates with contact on any enemy, it's cool to get a quad kill with one button


I sold my soul to this game


Now this, this is awesome! I didn't know that AC and Super Mario could go so well together, and it did!


Thank you !


after a couple of tries i finally beat the game without dying once :)


nice job ! :)



Is there anyway to download this?


get the app


Phenomenal short game, feels amzing to play

Cool game. Loved playing it :)

I loved playing this if only it were longer :c

Just awesome !

Awesome ! Its cool, styled and the better game of Piero Ferrantelli ! Just awesome.

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Awesome little mash up! :D

Is there a genocide route and is it even possible to have a pacafict route?Its impossible for me?


What... the hell... just HAPPENED???

I don't know what the point was at the end, I don't know what the story line was, all I know that you play as Mario, you have to collect Abstergo's symbols to finish each level, the ending though... I don't know what's up with Bowser, you collect the last symbol and you finish the game with Bowser's logo, and glitched out music... Seriously, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??? I mean, yeah the game is pretty damn good and all, but I need an explanation for the story line, but if an unsolved mystery leaves people sit at their seats and stare at the screen for an hour and a half, trying to figure out and contemplate "what the f**k happened? how the f**K did it happen? why the f**k did it happen? when the f**k did it happen?" is apart of this game, then... wow... just WOW.

Four questions, who is "Ezio"? And what has "he" have to do with Mario? What is the story line? Is there a reason why this happened? If yes, then an explanation would be nice PLEASE, overall, I think I'm about to go insane. This game... incredible... I'll never look at this game the same way ever again... sure, this was my first time playing it, but the ending... never... ever... again...


not really sure what you expected from a free mash up time waster...


I'm really sorry for saying this, but i feel like you're overreacting...

Really really amazing game keep these coming

I really enjoyed this game,  however it might have benefited from more  variety, maybe more enemies or a boss fight at the end.  I thought the combat sections were solid and the controls were good. My main complaint is that there wasn't enough of it.

I agree, a boss fight would make this game worthy enough for people who already played this would recommend it to their friends and get many good views. 

Love it! This reminds me of Asterix and Obelix, the cartoon, if you have heard of it. Please add more levels!