WINNER OF LUDUM DARE 41 out of 3012 games


Made in 3 days for the Ludum Dare 41, Theme was "combine 2 incompatibles game genres"

"Cultivate your garden and earn souls from dangerous plant species" 

Get seeds and plant them on Soil tiles, then use your watering can to grow them and earn souls. Every 5 levels, you unlock a chest in the sanctuary that gives you a more powerful weapon and heal you.


----------- DARK SOIL -- INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------------------

  • WASD/ZQSD : Movement
  • Left Click : Use Item
  • Right Click : Roll
  • Scrool wheel/1\2\3\4 \5  : Select your Item 
    • 1 : Select Weapon (Attack the enemies that spawn from your plants)
    • 2 : Select Watering Can (Aim at unmature plants to grow them)
    • 3/4/5 : Select Seed Kind (Plant them on soil tiles)



You must ask permission if you want to upload this game on your own website.  contact :

I'm also available for freelance work (Pixel Art/Construct Dev/Game Design),
I can create a full game or app for you or your company ! More info here


Overboy - Game Design & Programming @OVERBOY, Itch.ioYoutube

Sylvain Guerrero - Programming & Tech Art @Zylvaingue

Robin Chafouin - Character Design & Animations @NoNameNoSocks

Joachim Leclerc - Environment Art, Title & UI @joachimLeclerc (MoJo)

Boris Warembourg - Music & SoundDesign @GrizzlyCogs



NEW : I launched my youtube channel


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Good Game. Can you make it downloadable please


got to lvl 86, reached max plants i guess lol, it was fun !!

thanks for all the awesome games you create!

Reached lvl 43 and man this is fun! Gameplay is just on point! Great Job!

i died lvl 62

comment je fais pour telecharger le jeu

Its a lovely game i will honestly play this game for hours and hours i don't see any issues with the game, but i do have 1 issue i don't know if its my computer or the game but sometime's whenever i'm fighting my character just stop moving and i cant do anything and like 3 seconds later its all good again. but other than that I LOVE THE GAME AND I LOVE ALL YOUR OTHER GAMES :)

good game

nice bro i love it!

thank you !

got to level 63 then died... sadness

YAY level 47

You should turn these into full games

Awesome game but occasionally I get launched across the map and become immobile, otherwise it's awesome

thank you :) oh this is weird ! never experienced this issue

have download?

When is the new game?

Will there be a full release? I really love this game! 


i love how everything is shaking hahahaha it's a super cool thing i didnt even know you could do that with an itch page

another amazing game from this developer it did have some problems though as it would have been nice to be able to move and attack at the same time,  having to stop makes it a lot easier for them to hit you

first time playin already at level 40

Good game!! Lots of difficulty!! My record is level 78 and 3509 souls farmed. Keep up the good work!!

The polish that you manage to add to your jam games is amazing. I like the details, like the water can pushing back the enemies


Any chance you can make a windows downloadable for this ?

Cool way to combine two very different game styles.. cultivating and shooting

Was interesting to grow crops that then want to kill you, haha

(1 edit)

it seems only planting yellow seed in the middle, and other seed on the edge makes this game somewhat easier, reached lvl 200+ (2nd attempt) while playing, and got bored. It will be great if the plants planted at the edge still spawning even though the player at the middle. nice game concept 10/10


como baixo o game galera

smh lvl 139 second try, Ya Noob


lv 132, second tried, GG

Level 45 first try! :D

lvl 44 is my highscore

(1 edit)

level 22 is my high score right now i love this game sooooo muc

mine is 24

mine too because i played more

(1 edit) (+1)

omg please just take away the garden mechanics, and keep the bullet hell, dodging, and weapon aspects and just keep the rougelike mechanics. make procedurally generated levels, or have hard bosses with patterns to memorize, that game would be my favorite web game ever. A 2D BLOODBORNE. Add the guns, more weapons, bosses, fast paced gameplay, with a unique bullet hell to add to the 2d gameplay. I have never seen something like this except ENTER THE GUNGEON, and i friggin love that game.

Still, awesome game though ;)

thank you <3 


Any chance for a windows exe download ? Would love to have this offline


I love this game and was wondering if you were able to add the option to download it.
Idk its just such a fun game and i would love the option to play it without being in browser.

how co i restore health-

(3 edits) (+1)

Every 5 levels :) You have to follow the indicator to get your upgrade each time you unlock it, and it restore maximum health


How do you download this tho



(1 edit) (+2)

This game, is a 'deus ex machina', a paradox. It makes playable, unified sense out of two otherwise very distinct genres and furthermore, it reveals deeper truth about both of these genres. Namely, that roguelike games, at their peak, are gardening games - with heavy notion put on 'farming' - and that gardening games, are roguelike strifes.

Unfortunately, the game also suffers from the flaws characteristic to both employed genres - repetitiveness, boredom, lack of purpose, hack-the-win mindset, if we could speak about any 'win' conditions.

The artstyle is reminiscent to some other, contemporary, popular titles, sharing similar perspective, but taking the game is a free-to-play, we may consider it a freebie.

For the technical point, I have come to a moment when I could not plant any more seeds, only loosing them from the inventory when issued an action, without any result in the plantsquare becoming occupied as expected. If there is a limit to how many seeds of given kind could be planted altogether, the game is better off to simply display a message, telling the limit has been worn out.

Further into the game, there were also glitches considering protagonist movement. Sometimes it would not move, sometimes it would chaotically dash in a random direction, until stopped by a map obstacle. Understandably, that is rather an issue.

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