OVERGAME is a breaking-the-4th-wall story-rich and funny meta game with a plot twist.

Controls : Left and Right click



  • Started as a Community Game Jam entry. Theme was " The Game is a Liar"

"Welcome to OVERGAME

the most adaptative experience ever made, 

unique to each player,

designed live with the gamedevs. 

Well... at least that's what they're saying...."


Overboy - Direction, Game Design, Programming, UI, Visual FX, Sound Design, Story, Concept and Pixel Art @Overboy, Itch.ioYoutube

Radiant.prk - Musics RADIANT.prk (SoundCloud) 

NoNameNoSocks - Pixel Art, Character Design @NoNameNoSocks

Mojo - Pixel Art, Environment  @joachimLeclerc

Sacha Riviere - Pixel Art & Logo @riviere_sacha

Alexis Prost- Pixel Art @prost


You must ask permission if you want to upload this game on your own website. contact : overboy.games@gmail.com

I'm also available for freelance work (Pixel Art/Construct Dev/Game Design),
I can create a full game or app for you or your company ! More info here



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What is the DOT minigame? I haven't got it before and it just happened on a random playthrough.

I haven't play it but- 


Hello, I emailed you so could you check your Gmail




now all i gotta do is pick em up and throw em


oh i just ended up accidentally throwing him in the water

how you get past ads

click ads

they close when you click them

i know i meant the ad part

Hace falta una versión descargable, no se si sea posible pero si lo haces te lo agradecería mucho porque el juego me va muy lagueado y no lo he podido probarlo.

If you update this, it would be cool if the composer had his own game and stuff.


Awesome game!! So entertaining and the end credits was so clever. I did find a bug though, nothing game breaking, but still a bug. When doing the last levels (getting the balls), when I get on the little edges that poke out of the border (Trapezoids that go towards the inner of the screen), I'll get stuck, and then when I click to move the character will start bouncing around the screen. Sorry if people already mentioned it, anyways, great game! 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you ! :) Yeah there is some little bugs i need to fix some day !

not meant to beat the boss eh?




I got the markiplier bonus money just because my name is mark 😎

Ahah nicely done !

didn't get to give npc fish tried to put him down and threw him in the wate

I find it funny because player one is what I typed in both times and then it tells that's wrong and that it has to be player 1.  well that and breaking everything that was also funny and fun

broke gta... don't know how though.

i went off screen and got stuck

i went off screen in animal crossing too the need to be a respawn button

The dark souls and devs traps were too ez


i typed dark souls when they asked me wich was my favorite game

Man, i almost beat the Dark Souls boss without giving the heart, but its programmed not to have its health go lower than like 4 pixels, so its impossible to win. >:(

Never starts :(

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There is a secret if you type a youtubers name who played other overboy games 

EDIT: it only works with markiplier

it also works with jackseptieye


oh i didn't know

Hey uh somehow threw myself off of the screen

Deleted 215 days ago

mmh that's weird, did you try to refresh the page ?

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i tried but it did not work

quando voce passa de 1000 peixes ele apenas vira 1001 e etc

eu testei

I do not regret it

oooh i'm so sorry nothing happens for now ! i'll definitely add something if someday i update the game

i wrote overboy very first name i tried and i was like well intentionally not alowwed to be named overbobut not oi now

I was with the villager and one dog dies then I fly off the map and the other one died

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I throw away the guy who wanted 1000 fish in the water TIP: throw the guy who wants 1000 fish in throw water 

and I like the fact when you hover your mouse on the comments it shakes cool

Ok nice concept, nice visuals, plays quite ok, but when playing Animal Crossing I clicked outside of the screen, my character followed and that was the end of it, couldn't get it back. Not feeling like doing it all over again.

oh come on you don't know who h20delirous is?


I do he's with vanoss and moo and the others he's funny i know them all 

(1 edit) (+2)

Great game it's hard but possible the music is great too I don't want to spoil the whole thing but once you beat the hard levels something fun happens :). One thing that can improve is the controls jumping should be space because it makes it a whole lot easier but then again the game being hard is the fun part. 




Well he says "i need love" so use the hearts duh.

no just the hearts at him


great game but no minecraft


What happens if you give the Animal Crossing NPC 1000 fish?

I don't think anyone has tried that.


I shall be the first, then.

Do you know now ?


i was kinda joking, but i'm honestly considering it


haha please don't do it for now, some people did it but there is nothing spécial happening for now, maybe some day if we update the game :)


i um glitched the gam


Reminded me of there is no game


i just lost the game because of you....






.  .  . I give up-


Yeah it does

Loved it. Short and Sweet. 


does anything happen if you give him 1000 fish

cause i dont want to throw my weekend away doing nothing


Sadly no. I know this because I actually tried it a year ago when it was first released :( 

hehe i love this game

Fun game

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It'd be awesome if when you gave the robot 1000 fish you find a secret or something!

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Idk why I like the music so much :D

I wish the soundtrack was on SoundCloud or something and if it is I'm blind.

There you go :) https://soundcloud.com/radiantprk/sets/overgame-ost

Lol I guess i am blind. Thanks!

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