• OVERGAME is a breaking-the-4th-wall story-rich and funny meta game with a plot twist.
  • Started as a Community Game Jam entry. Theme was " The Game is a Liar"

"Welcome to OVERGAME
the most adaptative experience ever made, 
unique to each player,
designed live with the gamedevs. 
Well... at least that's what they're saying...."

Made with Construct 3 by :

Overboy @Overboy, Itch.ioYoutubeDiscord 
Radiant.prk (SoundCloud) 
NoNameNoSocks  @NoNameNoSocks
Mojo @joachimLeclerc
Sacha Riviere  @riviere_sacha
Alexis Prost  @prost

You must ask permission if you want to upload this game on your own website. contact :

I'm also available for freelance work  More info here


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this game is better than animal crossing

i uhhh achlly break the game  

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This is officially my favorite game! It's so good


lil bro got the knife

and is gonna kill

You can click outside square to walk on water lol


I broke game fr lol. in GTA i walked into wall and stuck

bro me too

can't proceed from HEAL YOURSELF WITH THE HEART scene

just checking, I don't actually have to get 1000 fish right?

I tried, but after 20 or so fish, the counter kept resetting randomly so I eventually gave up and just threw the elephant watering can in the lake. Sorry lol you probably don't care anymore at this point but I just wanted to share


animal crossig  i just walked out the map lol now i cant play


hey could you add yokai watch as an option? its ok if you won't, I understand game dev is hard.


Hear me out the animal crossing girl even if its 4 pixels its still worth the pusxiels ;)


too hard!

its not dude..for the monster just throw the heart at him, for the last part when they're trying to kill you click on the orb and spam left click. its a fun experience

sounds like a skill issue

yep thats 100% a skill issue


bruh it doesn't accept mr beast or manly as a youtuber name 0/10 literally unplayable


Caramba que jogo foda.

  1. eu amei
  2. adorei

amo quem fez.



"too late" lmao i just got 231 coins out of it


i love killing people in god mode

how do you get that?


how do you lower the volume


so dumb i love it


How to download this?


i like the YouTuber name feature


Bruh, I tested it with Markiplier. Lmao.


I broke the game by accidentally walking out of the stage in the gta5 thing and cant get back in


thats happened to me too


bro same

Me to

lol same all i did was grab the apple


the bot in animal crossing just dissapeared

same thing just happened to m

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The best game in the platformer haha


i keep on actually breaking the game and going off screen

same it's kinda weir

is defeating the dark souls boss pissible, if yes someone tell me cuz i want to beat him if possible


the boss just needs some love ;)

But can you murder him

the heart doesnt appear anymore after some time, how to even beat this game when the game doesnt give you the heart anymore

ok so how do you past the last game? the spikes thingy? i got the both orbs but idk what to do anymore lol

how do i collect the heart? i broke the fucking game lol

you have to throw the thing you have on you first lmao


The animal crossing character just fucking dipped lol

he was like I ain't givin you 1000 fish fuck this shit man


lmbfao same, mine just walked away from the game 


Damn, I lost the game. 

Ngl the bgm is totally banger!! Where else i can listen to it?

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on the animal crossing level, the character just... left. walked off the screen. is this part of the game?

EDIT: for some reason on killer my character turned into a ball pretty much, just bouncing off the walls and everything else.


same thing happened to me. this is probably the buggiest game ive played by overboy


Very gud game

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What is the DOT minigame? I haven't got it before and it just happened on a random playthrough.


I haven't play it but- 



Hello, I emailed you so could you check your Gmail




now all i gotta do is pick em up and throw em


oh i just ended up accidentally throwing him in the water

how you get past ads

click ads

they close when you click them

i know i meant the ad part

Hace falta una versión descargable, no se si sea posible pero si lo haces te lo agradecería mucho porque el juego me va muy lagueado y no lo he podido probarlo.

If you update this, it would be cool if the composer had his own game and stuff.

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