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i got to 48 and died ;-; good game. my desk still has...... 1 centimeter of wood left.

i thoght i played every overboy game untill i somehow missed this lol


what is the final upgrade?


i like the game it's fun 

very easy game you can just stay in corner and hold the left click

i dont think you get the point of the game

what is it?

you have to hit the disks into the portal


yea  I do it I stay in the corner and the disks bounce and go to the portal easily



This a banger

m addicted


should make a downloadable version for this 1 of my favourite itch games as a hobby game dev i strive to make something this good some day hah 



Great Job on this one, very fun


This game is so fun :D


I love it! :D Great job with the polish, and the graphics! :D


cool game, but i want to know how to download it


u are amazing u and your team has made gems

Thank you !

i like this game but i suck

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Every time I boot up the game it gets stuck at the 100% screen, ive tryed re installing it but I cant play, someone help please?

(Edit: can get it to run  in browser)

Wish I could go in fullscreen but the button never works 

WOW. This game is very good. And only made in 3 days. Inpressive. Loved the makeground music, and the pixel art is very good. The idea is good, and the gameplay is funny.


So cool and polished


I love your games ! This game is awesome

Thank you :)




make a port to the switch

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Nice :D


I need the music for this game


thanks !

This is an absolutely FANTASTIC GAME with great art direction, music and game feel. Keep it up!

thank you ! :)

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es muy bueno y la musica combina con el juego lo que mas me gusta es que tu sangre se queda cuando mueres me quede en nivel 97  nota: lo jugue en newgrounds

There should not only be upgrades every 10 levels, but checkpoints too

like in mob inc as in mob inc should have checkpoints to


how can i download this game

hooked on this game just wish the instrumentals were a little less repetitive 

this game is sick


I don't really like the music, but it is a great game!

this is the best game ever


I love this game


I always play your games.. Out of all the games i've played Your my favorite Creator! I've been on this website for about 6 months now and each day Ill play a game from yours, when i'm on break in school. Great games dude. :)

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I think this is the kindest comment I've got on one of my games. Thank you ! :)

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I really wasn't thinking you would respond...WOW..- Like-  your my Idol because I ADORE Video games, and your games, are I mean...Fantastic! Keep up with the great work! I never thought this would happen..


amazing game

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