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This is super cool and fun to play


he game is nice and works perfictly altho at level 4 the game glitchs thats the hero that you use gets outside of the boreder , but everying eles works niceeeee

Killed a Bountwin, the other froze and I can't go on :c


pls where is a download

can you see the pic??

great game but glitch where you disapear


speedruns? my pb is 4:24 time stops at when the darth mic says "okay" after you defeat him


one of the bountwins hunters froze

i went through the floor

i did it again :(

prolly bcs of r and w combination i did it too


I love the game, and I enyojed it, however i don't like the arrangment of the controlers

This game is amazing but there is one glitch tho: I jumped in the air and pressed "r" and my character jumped off the screen

It happened with me too.

Hoho, dude, this actually so cool ! I love this game ! 

I ended up cheesing the first boss by somehow getting the purple dude stuck in the wall.


the r move keeps on making me dissappear ;(


Aight, to avoid this just use the ability on the middle platform.

I got through most of the game with button mashing.

Great game!


although i do seem to have a habit of butchering your coding and accidentally destroying the game...

sorry :)


Pretty nice, fast-paced action game! Found one bug at some point. When fighting the twins somehow the pink one got stuck behind the left wall of the screen, was able to kill him, but the purple one stuck to the wall and did not move anymore. Also could not kill him.




You should've said 'ditto', or did you deliberately make it less obvious? ;)


Great game! The plot twist was spooky o_o


what plot twist?

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Great game there's one glitch so far that I found, when I multiple impact/the R move I disappeared. The music and the sprites are great. The controls took some time to get used to because i'm used to using WASD as movement but still great game :).

Nice quick game. The polish is outstanding. The background with the floating commentator is my favorite part!

is this a rick and morty refrence

when i used my R move on the second boss my charecter dissappeared and i had to restart the game still a load of fun tho

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good game


Le he dado tan fuerte, que mi personaje ha desaparecido. La pantalla se está llenando de aliens

Please make an endless mode, that was so much fun!

Like most of your games, easy,simple, and utterly FUN AND AWESOME


très bon jeu bien rythmé, pas trop compliqué à prendre en main, définitivement un de mes préférés.

j'ai remarqué que le côté gauche de l'arène est facilement penetrable. j'ai en effet fait passer plusieurs monstres à travers, notamment un des bountyhunters, ce qui les a totalement paralysés.

il s'est passé la meme chose avec mon personnage

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the final boss and i died at the same time and another battle boss started when the credits appeared. Anyways this game is fire

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Very cool game! I like it a lot! How to enable full screen mode in Windows build?

This game is really fun I just wish there was a 32 bit versio for download

this game is fire, just wished there was an option for endless modes

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Your one of the best game devs on


swear he makes the best games


Great game. Intense action, high polish and style. I found a bug during Darth Mic fight, I used the R ability and my character disappeared from screen, but as it's a jam game, it's ok.


that's a bug when u do it anywhere, you need to use r when ur in the middle of the map


Fast Paced game so enjoyed it very much


So inspirational!
They type of game I hope to make for me and my friends one day soon! :D


A great and fun game . We enjoyed it very much.

Loved the retro art style.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!