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Awsome game

Does it have an end? The highest I got was lv 92, 4,547 souls.

is it normal that when my cursor point at some font it  will shake like crazy(for example the "run game")

heck even the 'post comment' shake like hell, the word im typing also shakes what- please help me-

yeah it's normal




that game is wonderful i would play it a million times

Thank you very much ! :D

can be


woow a good game i like


why everything is ssssshhhhhaaaakkkkiiing


Too much caffiene


Make a downloadable version of this game I can't play on browsers.


This game is super fun, wish there was a little more to it but I'm not complaining I love gardening games and actually started playing dark souls recently and its a perfect mix of the two


this is such an amazing idea, combining gardening with a souls like game, and it was very well executed, my best is level 43, you guys should definitely update this game and focus on it because man, it has so much potential

Amazing game. I was confused at first but I got it quickly.

Beat my score: Lvl: 34 Soluls: 1086. No cap

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no cap

lvl: 78

souls: 3603

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No cap

Wow. Amazing game. Brings back so much memories of when I was a kid. Thank you very much for this.




Good Game. Can you make it downloadable please


got to lvl 86, reached max plants i guess lol, it was fun !!

thanks for all the awesome games you create!

Reached lvl 43 and man this is fun! Gameplay is just on point! Great Job!

i died lvl 62

comment je fais pour telecharger le jeu

Its a lovely game i will honestly play this game for hours and hours i don't see any issues with the game, but i do have 1 issue i don't know if its my computer or the game but sometime's whenever i'm fighting my character just stop moving and i cant do anything and like 3 seconds later its all good again. but other than that I LOVE THE GAME AND I LOVE ALL YOUR OTHER GAMES :)

this issue happened to me aswell

good game

nice bro i love it!

thank you !

got to level 63 then died... sadness

YAY level 47

You should turn these into full games

Awesome game but occasionally I get launched across the map and become immobile, otherwise it's awesome

thank you :) oh this is weird ! never experienced this issue


have download?

When is the new game?

Will there be a full release? I really love this game! 


i love how everything is shaking hahahaha it's a super cool thing i didnt even know you could do that with an itch page

another amazing game from this developer it did have some problems though as it would have been nice to be able to move and attack at the same time,  having to stop makes it a lot easier for them to hit you

first time playin already at level 40

Good game!! Lots of difficulty!! My record is level 78 and 3509 souls farmed. Keep up the good work!!

The polish that you manage to add to your jam games is amazing. I like the details, like the water can pushing back the enemies


Any chance you can make a windows downloadable for this ?

Cool way to combine two very different game styles.. cultivating and shooting

Was interesting to grow crops that then want to kill you, haha

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it seems only planting yellow seed in the middle, and other seed on the edge makes this game somewhat easier, reached lvl 200+ (2nd attempt) while playing, and got bored. It will be great if the plants planted at the edge still spawning even though the player at the middle. nice game concept 10/10


como baixo o game galera

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