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Incredible game but can you please add more promotions after getting to level 60 i really wanna see what he looks like at level 100

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the boss in a video game, with heros trying desperately to get their hands on your exp. and loot drops? Well this game here is where you can play as the badguy and evade the onslaught of arrows and swords, all the while pouncing and power moving your way to victory... but wait, did i mention that you have a strict boss yourself? Yeah. and if you dont meet your quota... well... lets hope, for your sake, that you do! I Recommend this monsterous game!


The archers are soo annoying 




im a cat who loves to snooze

Pee man


accuracy of the basic attack is off by a lot. most of the time i end up going above my target


-0/10. No way to attack really? Not even information for what keys to use to attack? This game is horrible and whoever made it deserves less than what they get. All you can do is dash and hope for the best. 


? q, w and e are the keys for the abilities after you get promoted. left click is your dash attack and you want to get enough levels to 20,40 and 60. The controls are in the instructions


In game you use your mouse to attack and move

the game literally tells you how to use them when you get them and in battle


It really doesn't.

it said left click to attack on the bottom and it really easy to figure out

🖕  u dumb   


are you high or something?

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No pause button? I played on browser


Very gud game 10/10


Getting fired is inevitable. We can't heal from what I've seen.

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yea i never even get promo

edit: i did get to 78 so yeah i did


Awesome game, no doubt about it. Never manage to get all that far, but as someone who has over 30 rogue-like/lites on my pc this is something i'm well used too lol.

Great game just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard. Could you add a normal/hard mode option??? SOmething like that.

just spam dash

Amazing !


this is amazing


please make more promotions/evolutions




fuck yes i love this game

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plz make that we can revolt against the CEO it will be amazing

edit: then the CEO will come to the battle groud to fight us

i wish i could change controls

either i just suck or this is rigged I lost at level 100 after getting shot by some idiot mobs getting stuck in the wall by the massive size of the third promotion

This game is way too hard without a mouse :( i need to get one lol but its fun my highest level without a mouse is 34 and my highest level with a mouth is -

lol mouse

Super! :)


this game is awesome.

isnt 80 supposed to be a promotion smh 


jesus crist this is the best gamejam game ı have ever played!

got to level 80 something before losing



this game is crazy! I love the simple gameplay mechanic of dashing and using the abilities gained from promotions to help clear the wave faster. I too love the sprites and I think they looks real cool. You did a great job! 


I like the game but I do not like how I get hit the second I spawn sometimes

just spam dash when you spawn


i finally did it you just have to zoom on the levels

I think this could become a really cool mobile or even computer game project

I got to level 59 on my 4th promotion! This game is super addictive, I love it!

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ive made it to every single promotion without ane verbal warnings. im pretty sure that someone has done it before me though.

(just saw someone getting to lvl 60 without any verbal warnings so i was right)

21 minutes-100LVL....and it stucks on it :(

but game is cool


Its little wonder why this game won


It won for a fricken reason! GREAT GAME!


Bro your Game is AMAZING. I think you should release it on consoles.


he is right

Thank you ! :D

took me a while but look


Nice job ! :)

the only anoying thing is if u reach the last stage then the level bar bugs

it did not for me

the level cap is 100. there is no promotion after level 60.


i got 94 on the run


i got all promotions without any verbal warnings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just look where red is


Good job :D


thank you :)!!!!!!


i also finished plumbers creed it was fun


Thank you :) !

your welcome

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and i sub your youtube

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